Sand Filter


Description of the Method
Description of the Filter
Technical Data

Description of the Method

The prozess water flows downstream through a sand layer. Particles will be catched between the sand grains and raises the flow resistance. When the working pressures is increased about 0.5 bar the filter must be flushed. Therefore the 6-way-valve is adjusted to flushing mode. Now the water flows upstream and swirls the sand bed to flush out the dirt particles. Afterwards the valve is adjusted to the filtration mode again.

Description of the Filter

The Azur sand filter is made of a polypropylene housing. So it is absolutely resistant against sea water. By conventional FPR housings sea salt diffuses with the time - they should not be used for applications with sea water.

The Azur sand filter is easily to serve. It is equipped with one 6-way valve, so that the sand bed easily can be cleaned. The 1 1/2"connections realizes a simple connection to a feed pump. A distribution system and the use of rough gravel installed in the bottom ensures an even flow through the filter bed. With the time the sand filling develops additional biological activity (carbon degradation, nitrification).

The filter is delivered without filter material. Please take care of this fact with your order.


Technical Data:

Azur 19" Azur 22" Azur 26"
475 560 660
9 12 17
0,18 0,25 0,35
15 20 20
65 120 225
9,5 13 17
475 560 660
639 777 925
709 860 995
784 864 968
273 273 232
489 489 489
288 372 527
160 160 160
Larger Filter up to 63" (1,6 m) diameter on request.