Basic Complete Filter System (LSS)

The complete Filter System Basic is custom designed and manufactured

Field of Application
Structure of the system

Special requests

Here is an example on YouTube of an AquaCare Basic complete filter system (LSS) at Coralaxy (DE)

Smaller filter systems can be found in the hobby area

Field of Application

Everyone knows the chaos with the aquaristic technique: the bad examples at the left shows different systems, confusing assembly, bad maintenance, a high risk of leakage, and salt crusts in combination with electric huddle. 

The filter tank Basic is a safe solution to get order. All technique is accommodated inside the tank or joined with safe connections. Upgrading the system is possible because auxiliary connectors are already existing. For example: if you want to connect a nitrate filter you put it inside of the Basic tank, connect the supply with an auxiliary connection and open the valve - the additional system is working. 

All technique inside of the Basic tank is protected against emptying. Leaking water is collected inside of the Basic tank.

The AquaCare filter system Basic are not build in series. Every tank is calculated and constructed to the customers wishes. Please consult our AquaCare team to participate in our knowledge and experience. 

Structure of the Systems:

The Basic system consists of  a large PE-tank with extreme stability - even earthquakes cannot induce cracks in the walls. The danger of growing old silicone seams of glass tanks is cancelled. The walls are made of hollow chamber plates that are very stable. Additionally they have a better insulation value, e.g. for lightly chilled tank, e.g. mediterranean sea.

1st chamber: the inlet chamber takes the returning water from the aquarium. A fleece, that is easily washable, takes out the bigger particles and fibers. In this chamber you can install heaters and the whole measurement and control technology. 

2nd chamber: the trickling filter respectively de-aerating chamber takes the water of the first chamber and additional the water coming back of the skimmer. All gas bubbles still in the water are flowing over the plastic trickling material and will go out of the water. Additional the trickling filter material will be settled by aerobic bacteria and protozoa. Because of its structure - a very high interspace volume - the trickling filter will NEVER block or reduce the ORP (Redox) value. 

3rd chamber: the collecting chamber serves as a catch basin if the main pump of the aquarium is not in operation and emptying water will flow to the filter system. In this chamber enough space 




The filter system Basic is extensible with additional filters at any time. Skimmers (ACF), trickling filter (TKF), de-nitrifying filter (ADN), "Kalkwasser" reactors (KWR), CO2 driven Turbo chalk reactors, fluidized bed reactor (FBR), phosphate filters, activated carbon filters AK, large glass heaters or plastic heat exchangers, sand filters and others made by AquaCare are available. Consult the AquaCare team to choose the right technique for your aquarium system, please. 
Basic 400 with skimmer ACF3000V-170, ADN75, FBR110-060,  PMR110-060, and two pumps for skimmer and circulation to the aquarium.
Fresh water system: Basic 750 with fleece filter, FBR110-130, UV and pump
Basic 2000 with optional external skimmer ACF50.000V, fluidized bed reactor FBR250 and the needed pumps

Special Requests:

Because the filter system Basic is not a mass product and every tank is manufactured handcrafted every special requests are possible at any time. If dimensions, connectors, brackets for measuring equipment, heaters or level switches AquaCare will try to realizes your special ideas.
The standard Basic is also available with ground plate for pumps and back plate for hang-on systems like Turbo Chalk Reactor and control boxes.

Basic 300 with  emergency spillway and integrated collecting trough for the pumps; equipped with:
skimmer  AquaCareFlotor 3000V-060, ozone generator OG150, PMR110 (adapted length), FBR110 (adapted length), AK110, ADN110, 2 x pumps Red Dragon 6000, pump Iwaki MD100-R
Basic 750 with ACF 6000, ADN 110, FBR 110, AK 110, large heater, Turbo Chalk Reactor with Magnesium Tube, circulation pump, skimmer pump