Complete Aquaria by AquaCare

- high-end technique meaningful assembled


All AquaCare aquaria consists off:

Other components

Why are AquaCare aquaria better?


soft coral tank
Example for a 360 Liter aquarium (panorama version) by AquaCare 
(animals are not delivered)

All AquaCare sea water complete aquaria consists off:

As a matter of principle, only components of the highest quality and state-of-the-art technology are used. You can benefit from our experience in large-scale plant construction and research. AquaCare systems are characterised by the following points:

  • Glass aquarium with black silicone glue and diamond-cut panes; inner edges covered with glass strips;
    alternatively aquariums made of acrylic glass (Plexiglass)
  • Overflow chamber with holes for drain, overflow, inlet; filled with noise absorbing material
  • Aquarium underlay made of plastic
  • Base cabinet with modern plastic surface, incl. gravel and screen frame
  • Filter basin Basic with inlet chamber, degassing chamber and sediment chamber, holder for sensors of measurement technology, sock filter, heating holder
  • High-performance skimmer AquaCareFlotor with particularly long contact time;
  • Models with injector, wooden air stones and needle wheel are available;
    low and high models tailor-made for the respective purpose
  • Circulation pump (return pump) of the latest generation (energy-saving pumps)
  • Complete PVC piping with connection options for additional equipment, professionally finished, with lettering
  • Adjustable flow pumps or alternatively closed-loop system
  • Control heater made of glass or titanium; cooling unit if required
  • Sockets for each device with lettering and professional cable laying
  • reef ceramics or living stone,
  • Sea water and 1 set of AquaCare care products
  • Service: on-site installation (within 50 km of AquaCare), complete installation, filling with seawater and living stones, trial operation and detailed instruction


In addition to the standard technology listed above, further components are possible:

  • Fleece filter
  • Turbo-Chalk Reactor
  • "Kalkwasserreaktor"
  • Nitrate filter
  • Phosphate adsorber
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Dosing units
  • Plankton units
  • Measurement and control technology from simple aquaristic computers to industrial PLCs including visualization and remote data retrieval

Why are AquaCare aquaria better?

The complete technique is perfectly build in depending on available space - in this system following compounds are installed:
filter tank Basic with inlet chamber (pre-filtration possible), maintenance-free bio filter, sediment chamber, technique level with skimmer, level sensor and space for three other filters,
fresh water chamber with automatically filling by a R.O. unit mounted at the right door,
sea water chamber (left) for producing matured sea water for water change;
space for Turbo-Ca-reactor at the left door
the circulation pump is vibrancy-decoupled with silicone hoses, the hoses are fixed with hose clips made of stainless steel - vibrations of the pump are not transmitted by the tubes

easy access to circulation pump - 
the maintenance will be more easier

well arranged and safe tubing, professionally installed according to industrial standard; labeled tubing - flooding and confusions are nearly impossible
 Additional connectors for 
technique of tomorrow


all electric compounds are well arranged and fixed in cable ducts, all plugs and sockets are labeled, interior lights are self-evident
on request a water treatment unit
(R.O. unit) will be added -
no longer water toting

We would be pleased to make you an offer according to your ideas.

- from 300 litres in ANY size and equipment! -