Keeping & Breeding
Care products supply the aquarium with important additives to ensure strong growth or corals, fish and invertebrates. You may distinguish between mineral substances like soluble chalk (lime), strontium etc. and between organic substances like vitamins, amino acids, etc..
CoralTray - holder system for coral fragments CoralTray is a holder system for coral fragments that can be easily installed in an aquarium, filter tank or breeding tank using a magnetic holder.

Problem solver reduce or eliminate non-wanted or harmful substances:
e.g. ammonia, Aiptasia, bacteria

Phytoplanktonkultur: unbekanntes Cyanobakterium Xxx-8Phytoplanktonröhre für die Aufzucht von Mikroalgen For breeding phyto and zooplankton you need a basic hardware of equipment, cultures and media.
With micro filtration it is possible to eliminate easily and continuously harmful parasites like protozoa (single-celled organisms), bacterial and large viruses, even in sea water.