Filter Materials for Aquaristics

Biofilter Materials
Lime containing Materials

Biofilter Materials
Trickling Filter Material made of PP
Trickling Filter Material made of PE
Quartz Sand for moving bed filter and sand filters

Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) for moving bed filters

Lime Containing Materials for calcium reactors and as ground material of aquaria
porous Calcite Material with high solubility
porous Magnesium Material with high solubility
Calcium Carbonate rubbles, gray, for neutralizing
calcium carbonate gravel for sea water aquariums Calcium Carbonate rubbles, white, for neutralizing
Calcium Hydroxide for "Kalkwasser-Reactor"


Activated Carbon
Sulfur Granules for autotrophic de-nitrification filters (sulfur-nitrate-filter)
Phosphate-X-Globuli: high-end phosphate adsorbing material
Standard Phosphate Adsorbing Material
Mixed Bed Resin
H2O-X-Globuli = Dryer Perls H2O-X-Globuli = Drying pearls
CO2-X-Globuli = CO2 adsorber CO2-X-Globuli = CO2 adsorber