Aquaristic filters by AquaCare - ordered by function

Complete filter LSS
MultiFunctionFilter MF2
Removing substances
Adding substances
Filter for water treatment

Complete filters - LSS

Picture Function
life support system "Basic" Filter tank with de-aeration chamber for skimmers;
inlet chamber for heaters and sensors; pre-filtration;
multi-purpose chamber for other filters and 
for collecting the water
acclimatisation chamber Acclimatisation chamber for the acclimatisation of fish and other sensitive animals
the ideal connection between an aquarium without holes and an external filter tank External overflow "ExFlow" for retrofitting of an external filter basin

MultiFunctionFilter MF2

Type Picture Function
MultiFunctionFilter MF2 multi function filter MF2

Almost all filtration tasks can be realized with this filter:
  submersed upstream,
  submersed downstream,
  moving bed MB,
  trickling filter,
  reverse moving bed RMB,
  vertical flow filter VFF,
  reverse vertical flow filter RVFF,
  egg & larvae tumbler
  phytoplankton and zooplankton tubes
  carbon dioxide adsorber
  air dryer
  algae tube


Removing substances

Picture Function
Removing of organic substances (protein);
input of ozone;
regulating of gas concentrations;
low sediment filtration
nitrate filter Removing of too much nitrate with autotrophic de-nitrification;
operation with bypass
Neutralizing Filter Neutralizes acids - raises the pH
convincing phosphate removal Adsorbing too much phosphate with high performance adsorber;
operation with bypass
POC filter - pellet filter Eliminates nitrate and phosphate by bacterial assimilation;
needs no control;
is able to produce bacterio plankton
Biological filtration:
removing of organic substances;
nitrification (oxidation of ammonia and nitrite);
no sediment filtration - maintenance free - extremely effective
trickling filter TKF Biological filtration:
removing of organic substances;
nitrification (oxidation of ammonia and nitrite);
low sediment filtration - maintenance free - input of oxygen
activated carbon filter for aquariums Adsorption: of e.g. yellow substances, coral toxins and drug residues
with long-term use also biological activity: e.g. nitrification
sand pressure filter Biological filtration:
removing of organic substances;
nitrification (oxidation of ammonia and nitrite);
good sediment filtration
empty filter with different sieves may be filled with different filter materials


air dryer module LTM removes air humidity;
is connected before an ozone generator for increasing the power
CO2 adsorber filter removes carbon dioxide from the air input of a skimmer;
rises the pH of the aquarium water
removes particles;
usable as a silencer (e.g. skimmer)


Adding substances

Picture Function
+Globuli filter Adds important ingredients to the aquarium in soluble and particle form:
MarineSnow simulates the sea snow;
Spirulina+Globuli as phytoplankton substitute;
AminoVit+Globuli prevents the depletion of valuable organic substances in ultra-low NP aquaria;
POC filter - pellet filter produces bacterio plankton;
is able to eliminate too much nitrate and phosphate
high-performance lime reactor is driven with CO2;
produces calcium and hydrogen carbonate (KH, alkalinity)
magnesium tube is connected after an Turbo Chalk Reactor;
produces magnesium and hydrogen carbonate (KH, alkalinity)
magnesium reactor MgR is driven with CO2;
produces magnesium and hydrogen carbonate (KH, alkalinity)
CO2 reactor COR enriches the water with CO2 (carbonic acid);
lowers the pH;
CO2 fertilization for water plants
"kalkwasser" reactor KWR dissolves calcium hydroxid;
produces calcium but NOT hydrogen carbonate (KH, alkalinity)
ozone reactor OZR is driven with ozone;
enriches the water with ozone;
reduces organic substances;
eliminates tannins;
enriches the water with oxygen


Filter for water treatment

Picture Function
block filter removes particles in the micrometer range and
some organic substances
 reverse osmosis unit Excel 90 removes particles, colloids, and
dissolved substances (salts)
 micro filtration unit / ultra filtration unit removes particles in the nanometer range