Why having a sea water tank?

1. Joy in nature:
the wish having a piece of nature at home is very old
2. Holiday experiences:
a diving tour during the holidays can introduce a new world
3. In search of small creatures:
in a sea water aquarium you can join exceptional living beeings
4. Colourful relaxation :
a perfect under sea panorama creates silence and relaxation
5. Active nature conservation:
nur only biotopes mankind knows and loves will be protected

AquaCare realizes the dream of your home reef
6. There are different types of aquaria
coral reef, hard coral reef, sea weed, fish tank, shark tank and special species tanks
Size and version of the aquarium
300 to 300,000 Liter
all versions possible
Calculation of investment and running costs of an AquaCare aquarium
AquaCare has enormous knowledge of technicians, biologists and engineers at its disposal.

If serial production or large systems
all products are manufactured with the latest techniques

AquaCare systems are characterized by
safety, energy saving devices, and easy maintenance

All AquaCare aquaria are prepared for
extensions and automation

11.Technikum AquaCare
In the AquaCare technical centre for tropic organisms new knowledge is produced
The results of AquaCare Research are used to develop new products and systems; 
many articles are published in professional journals by the AquaCare staff
Good relations to the Research Center Juelich, ZMT Centre for Tropical Marine Ecology, Advanced Ceramics, Microbiological Laboratory Dr. Michael Lohmeyer GmbH extents the range of AquaCare.
Without own development many AquaCare products would not be achieved.
Serious deliveres are required for products that should run for a long time.
16. Service is one of our principle points - wether subject-specific consultancy or simple and fast repairs or holiday replacement of AquaCare aquaria in the aerea of Gladbeck, Germany.

Fotos with our best thanks: Othmar Pötsch (1, 6), Dirk Walber (2), Michael Kokoscha (3), AquaCare (4, 5, 9-16), Baginski (7), Wolfgang Westphal (8), Research Centre Juelich (12)