Dear Burkhard,
Thank you very much, the filter arrived today.
I am more than delighted with the product and your service.

Bonjour et merci de votre réponse
j'ai compris le sens de votre réponse. En fait pour calculer ma période d'utilisation du RAC il faut que je test régulièrement le KH et CA pour vérifier la stabilisation de ces derniers dans l'aquarium.

I just purchased a slightly used Turbo Chalk Reactor with Magnesium tube and the Basitech control. I am very excited! Your website had all the manuals, perfect. Thank you!

email: 09.06.2010
...Thanks for your fast reply on my mail. I must say that I am very impressed of your service grade. Thanks again. Best reg., Hasse.
email 27.05.2003
...I've got some of your stuff already, one 3000V about 120cm tall with the ozone kit, one Turbo Chalk reactor size 3 and some Black Devil pumps and I'm very pleased with it....

email 10.11.2001
It has been a couple of weeks since I last wrote to you. I must say I am impressed over your ambitious attitude answering all my (not always too clever) questions.