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AquaCare now offers the POC filter (pellet filter). It helps to reduce nitrate and phosphate and requires almost no maintenance.

The AquaCare Biopellet Filter is the multifunctional filter MF2 with a filling of POC+Globuli. It degrades nitrate and phosphate safely and stably.

  • Nitrate and phosphate removal without control technology
  • produces bacterioplankton
  • simple and safe to use

The water flows through the filter from bottom to top - either in fluidized bed or vertical flow filter operation. Alternatively, the simple upstream process (less water supply) can also be used; in this case, however, regular rinsing is necessary. For this purpose, the inlet is greatly increased for a short time or additionally flushed with air - an additional connection can be installed.

The POC+Globuli filter material degrades completely within a few months and only needs to be refilled when performance decreases. Choosing the right size is not easy, because the amount of POC+globules required depends very much on the nitrate formation rate of the aquarium. The filters may be oversized - if the nitrate and phosphate concentrations fall too low, part of the filter material can be removed and stored for later use.

If you no longer need a pellet filter, you can modify the filter for other applications. More information about the MultiFunctionFilter MF2 - Globuli-Filter.
The new series starts with size 50 (diameter: 50 mm) and will be successively expanded. In our e-shop you will find the new filter with all accessories.