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How to use ozone?

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Small ozone generator with a capacity of 50...150 mg/h larger ozone generator with a capacity of 1000 mg/h


How to use ozone?

Ozone is a special form of oxygen. If it is disintegrating an O-radical evolves that is able to split organic substances and oxidises inorganic matters. - If a skimmer is operated with ozone the efficiency will increase by about 30%. Additional the skimmer will work more constant. This means if e.g. food is added to the aquarium the skimmer will not overspill so quickly. So a more safe operation is achieved. -Also pollutants like ammonia and nitrite will not establish so rapidly because ozone oxidizes them to less harmless substances. -Persistent substances, that are not degraded by bio-filters or taken out by a skimmer, are seen in the aquarium as a yellow discolouration of the water, e.g. tannins. These class of substances are cracked by ozone and the cracking products are eliminated by a skimmer of a bio-filter after it. As a consequence the ORP value (redox) and the oxygen concentration will increase. The water will be crystal clear. Free floating bacteria (bacterial bloom) and some phase of parasites (e.g. free swimming stages of Oodinium or Ichthyophthirius) are reduced by ozone. So sensitive fish like Acanthurus leucosternon (Powderblue Surgeonfish) are held in ozone treated water with less losses. - But ozone should be handled intelligent. If too much ozone is used the gills of the fishes and invertebrates are harmed. As a principle for a reef tank: if you can smell ozone at the skimmer or in the water you have dosed too much. In combination with an AquaCareFlotor there is one rule of thumb: 20 mg/h (ppm) per 1000 liters (260 US gal) are enough. With other skimmers you may need more ozone. It is important to change the ozone input very slowly (except in case of emergency), to give all processes and life forms time to adapt.

Attention! Ozone is a harmful substance. 
Read the instruction manual very carefully.

Range of application

To ensure a long life of the ozone generator it is important to filter the incoming air to the ozone generator. Make sure that water will not flow into the ozone generator. 
If the air has a high humidity use an air dryer before. The dew point may never reach. Otherwise condensation water will reach the unit and lowers the performance - or may induce defects.  

Principally you may operate the ozone generator with pressure or vacuum (see sketch below). 

The pressure operation is suitable for ozone reactors (clearing ponds and pools) or skimmers with air wood. An air pump provides the air dryer (e.g. LTM) with air. Then the dried air is filtered by an sediment or combi filter. The particle free air is pumped through the ozone generator and will reach the ozone reactor or skimmer with air wood. Install a check valve or realize an safety loop between ozone generator and ozone consuming unit to make sure that water will not flow back to the ozone generator. 

For vacuum operation you not need an air pump. The injector (venturi) or dispergator is sucking air by itself. If the incoming air flow is too low due to a too high resistance you may use an additional pump. The sketch will be the same as operation with pressure. In any case a safety loop or a check valve must be installed. 

operation of a ozone generator with pressure (top) and with vacuum (bottom)

Technical data

OG 150 OG 500 OG 1000 OG 2000
OG0015 OG0050 OG0100 OG0200
150 mg/h 500 mg/h 1000 mg/h 2 x 1000 mg/h
300 mg/h 1000 mg/h 2000 mg/h 2 x 2000 mg/h
50...150 mg/h non non non
50 l/h 150 l/h 150 l/h 2 x 150 l/h
5 mm
0 ... 40C
-1 ... 0.2 bar
230 V, 50/60 Hz
6 W 17 W 36 W 72 W
130 x 130 x 50 mm 289 x 239 x 109 mm 300 x 300 x 210
1.5 m
IP60 IP65
600 g 1.7 kg 2.1 kg 4.3 kg
These ozon generators are made for normal air only. Do not use pure oxygen.
Attention! Ozone is a harmful substance. Read the instruction manual very carefully.

* other voltage possible